Studio Wolfe strives to be the most progressive and up to date Drama training available to young people. The teachers, coaches and facilitators will always put the member’s interests first, in our child-centred school.

We are constantly adapting and exploring new and innovate ways to help students to explore, create and enjoy the artistic world, allowing them the freedom to discover talents they may not know they have.

We love the arts and hope to pass on that passion for creativity to our members. We will help students explore and discover a world of fun and laughter, with the added security and comfort of having experienced and motivated coaches to guide them on their creative journey.

A space where young people can be free of gadgets and mobiles but be surrounded by fun, energy and laughter. A school where structure and form help give shape to the mess and madness that is the arts!

At Studio Wolfe we have room for everyone – no matter their interests. The reason we can accommodate such a wide variety of abilities and styles of performance is that our staff are fully trained adults with industry experience who can adapt to any situation. Our panel of trainers includes teachers, writers, professional actors, musicians, athletes and childcare specialists.

Drama and acting classes have a proven track record of improving confidence and our wide-reaching events within the school allow the teachers and coaches to really get to know each student and build a relationship that will encourage each member to flourish and reach their full potential.

We have 2 terms per year in Studio Wolfe, each with 15 weeks of classes. The term fee is €150 for the 45min class, €170 for the 1 hour class and €200 for the 1-hour 30 minute class. There are also no additional booking fees when you sign up online.

Wolfe Pups (5-7 years)

This Drama program has been designed to gently introduce young children to the world of make believe and fun.

Your child will be guided through a series of games and child centred play by fully trained professional adult teachers.

Story time, art, teacher and role and immersive play will be the focus of these classes.

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If you would like to enrol more than one child please message us for a discounted rate.

Junior Drama (1st-3rd Class)

Junior Drama will focus and expand on building confidence while having fun – games, role play and group action songs are at the forefront of these classes.

Our classes are aimed at improving the following skills;

  1. Concentration – helping the mind focus.
  2. Listening skills – taking instructions, hearing others and learning to trust your inner voice.
  3. Co – operation – learning to work with, communicate and understand people.

The focus on these classes will always be on fun and laughter. A carefully designed structure that allows each child to explore new worlds, work with others and understand what it means to be involved in group play. Further expanding on play as a learning tool and introducing structure and form in storytelling and display.

Through these classes show and tell, performance and games are merged into a fun a safe platform where students are encouraged to engage fully with their imaginations and not even realise they are learning and developing.

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Intermediate Drama (4th, 5th & 6th Class)

Improvisation, role play, story construction, stagecraft, introductory scripts and comedy performance are the corners stones of these exciting and high energy classes. Careful guidance from the tutors will allow each student to reach their full potential while interacting with others and learning about many aspects of theatre and film acting.

A more complicated and advanced form of story construction, playmaking and improvisation are expanded and developed here. The rules of stagecraft are more fully explored in these classes and games begin to match up with links to theatre forms and movements.

We begin to explore more complex themes, character development, status and the rules that help shape good drama but all the time keeping the focus on having fun.

We expand our explorations of other places and cultures and use entertaining theatre games to help understand why playing is such an important part of acting training.

Our focus shifts form group action verse to the many options available to performers, including solo exams, ensemble improvisation, group scripts, duologues and physical theatre and pantomime.

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If you would like to enrol more than one child please message us for a discounted rate.

Senior & Senior Adv Drama (Secondary School)

Teenage classes are given a more rounded presentation of theatrical form and structure.

The senior cycle of the school are allowed to request what area of the dramatic arts is of most interest to them after being presented with various options and styles. This usually sees a “shift” from the traditional drama games and recitals to learning more about the art of stage craft, performance genres, the history of theatre, classic and contemporary literature and audition material.

Past options have included an immersive study of playwrights and their Drama theories:

  • Viola Spollin and Modern Improvisation
  • Brecht and Epic Theatre
  • Theatre of the Absurd
  • Kitchen Sink Drama
  • Grotowski and his Poor Theatre
  • Classical and Shakespearean Drama
  • Physical Theatre Commdeia dell’arte and Pantommine
  • Surrealism : as a theatre convention
  • Contemporary Modern Drama
  • Irish Theatre
  • Ibsen, Chekov, Stanislavski and realism

The list of options is endless and the joy to be had through the exploration of these dramaturge and movements is unlimited. Don’t be intimidated by the list, the work is not presented through script analysis but rather an introduction to the possibilities within the ideas of each separate movement. Our focus will always be on students devising new work through the exposure to differing forms of theatre.


If you would like to enrol more than one child please message us for a discounted rate.