• Limited class sizes with social distancing of 2 metres apart.
  • 15-minute intervals between classes – to allow for cleaning of studio space.
  • Students will use a studio hand sanitiser on arrival and again on exiting.

Ballet classes will give your child the gift of poise, posture and grace.

The curriculum of our ballet classes caters for budding ballerinas of all ages with little or no training right up to the more experienced student. Our ballet classes have been developed to engage, inspire, motivate and encourage students from beginning to end. In each class, students will practice exercises from a syllabus that is designed to build on the foundations of formal dance training and basic technique, without diminishing their passion for and enjoyment of ballet. With a fresh approach to teaching ballet our aim is to enchant, excite, inspire and provide the opportunity for students to experience the magical world of ballet in a fun, relaxed and non competitive atmosphere.

Budding Ballerinas (5-7 years)

This 45 minute ballet class is the perfect stepping stone in to the enchanting world of Ballet. This class is designed for students with little or no prior ballet training. The ballet classes take them on a journey through movement, encouraging interaction, co-ordination and balance whilst embracing the technique and discipline of classical ballet. There is less traditional barre work with more emphasis placed on movement such as balancing, skipping, jumping, galloping , walking on the demi pointe and basic positions of the feet and arms. The use props such as princess wands, Cinderella crowns, butterfly wings and silk ribbons in the various exercises and games will encourage your child to explore and enjoy ballet. This beginner level class is lively and exciting with a perfect balance between dance and games, ensuring that your budding ballerina goes home happy and inspired.

Junior Ballet (7-9 years)

Geared towards students with a passion for ballet, this 45 minute class reinforces basic ballet concepts and gradually moves the girls and boys into the traditional ballet class format of barre work followed by centre practice. Students will be introduced to the structure of a ballet class, basic ballet vocabulary, alignment and posture. Throughout the year, students will focus on building balance, strength, coordination and poise. The goal is to go beyond the steps and delve into movement dynamics and style. More complex combinations are given but again the use of props and imagination make this process and exciting and enjoyable one for all. Beginners are also welcome at this level

Intermediate and Senior Ballet (9-12 years & 13-17 years)

We offer intermediate and senior ballet classes for students with little or no ballet training as well the more experienced dancer. At this age level ballet class is taught in a more formal manner. Body placement, flexibility, balance, alignment, strength and technique are achieved through barre and centre floor work. Correct placement and turnout continue to be emphasised, along with the introduction of turns, prioettes, leaps and character steps. This class allows you to enjoy ballet while perfecting your technique in a relaxed and positive atmosphere.

Pointe work classes are only offered to students when we feel they are ready.


If you wish to enrol more than one child, please message us for a discounted rate. We have 2 terms per year in Studio Wolfe, each with 15 weeks of classes. The term fee is €165. There are also no additional booking fees when you sign up online.